Friday, October 31, 2008

sWitCh iT oFf!

lately, i have realised that it has become very difficult to switch off my mobile phone. it does not matter if i don't receive a message or a call, i need to switch it on. i realise that every time i get an sms, i immediately look at it, whether i'm in class or whether i'm in the middle of a conversation with a friend. now, i know this is an impolite habit, but it is very hard to resist the temptation of reaching for my phone and checking out the message. in reality, most of the time these messages that come are mundane, not so significant "where are you?" "what are you doing?" "let's go have tea" kind of messages. of course, i'm not saying that these are unnecessary. it is very essential for our communication and relation to send each other such kind of smses. the only problem is that we should know when and how we should use the device that man has made.

for instance, it is not cool to use a phone when your best friend is sitting with you. you can either make the call later, or politely excuse yourself if it's important or make sure that you're not on the phone for long.

i also hate the fact that i wake up to every beep that my phone makes. i still know even if i keep it on vibration. the likely solution would be to just switch it off. but, no! that would be insane, not vogue and totally not cool!

it is exactly for this reason, this lack of self control and self censorship that keeps me bothered. it has become clear that i'm letting this small, communicative technology control my life. man has become controlled by his creation. this is a very bad power struggle. how can i ever let a machine take control over me?

it is time to limit my cell phone use and abuse. it is time for me to take control. it is time to engage in animated conversations with my friends over a cup of tea, with my cell phone switched off!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

ka news top

ka internship ti chu ka hlawk pui khopin ka hria. kawng hrang hrangah ka hriatna ati zau. hei kar riat doordarshan kendra aizawl ah ka thawk mek a. kan news editorte leh stringer-te fel tak zarah ka khawvel thlir ka ti zau a, nuam khops mai. news lamah ka om a, report tur nitinin kan zawng a, officer lian tak takte kawmin, kei ngei pawh assembly house-ah funky tawkin ka va lut a, ka inthlahrung ve knop mai. mahse sawi ve reng rengah mla ho rual kara sam hring nena lo vei ve sek kha a mak dangdai ve hrim hrim. B.A. kan zirlaia kan teacher poh mla a lo ni toh a, ka hmu a, "you still look fancy " min lo tia ka nui top.

ddk-a internship ka tih hma chuan i led a very protective life, meaning i was not street smart. i was very conservative too in a lot of ways..reserved.. but here i am outside dealing with a lot of different characters every day. it teaches me a lot of things.. "when in rome. do as the romans" tih ang deuhin, mipa reporters zinga tel ka ni boka, an fiamthute a lo sangin, a lo mak ve thei a. mahse ka in zir zel a, fiamthute ka dawl ve ta. an nuih zatah ka nui ve thei ta. tin, ka reporter zuite hi an fel em em a, nuam lo ka ti ang tih an hlau a, an theihtawpin min hruai kual a, thil min zirtir thin. u irene-i nena a scootie-a kan inphur phei chu kan bu lop lop zel. nuam khops mai.

mizoram press mite ka hmel hriat ve phah a, a vanneihthlak ka ti. kan rama thil chinchang ka hre ta teuh mai..ka knowledge a zau sot. tunlaia news ho phei hi chu ka follow ve toh ltk.
(to be continued)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

caffeine n nicotine

I need strength to carry on
I need help from friends I’ve known
The city sleeps while I’m still smoking
The city wakes and I’m still watching
How they run about like a busy bee
Wonder if they’ll ever think of me
Walking down the lonely street,
Hoping my friends and I would meet
Dreams are nothing but dreams
It doesn’t help if I scream

I’m sipping some coffee with a cigarette in my hand
Time passes by so quickly, I think I understand
How things could go right even though they are wrong
It doesn’t help to talk, It doesn’t help to scream
My coffee and cigarettes, that’s all I need.

I was told to greet everyone with a happy face
I was told to tell them that they were great
I’m not saying that I’m honest but I can’t pretend
My friends say I’m fine but I don’t need ‘just fine’
“my coffee and cigarettes”, that’s all I need.

A Four Liner For a Stripper

Pretty girl, don’t let your life go down the drain
Don’t think for one minute that you’re insane
Wear that pink skirt and those glass slippers
Walk the line just because you can


Hold me now, I need to feel you
Tell me how you want to love me
Teach me all the things that you know
I would learn all these in no time

Pinch me quick, I need to wake up
This poor life, I need to give up
Forgive me, don’t ever break me
Hold me tight, don’t ever leave me

Burn me now, what more do you want?
Slap me hard, I need this to feel real
Tell me what you need to tell me
Please don’t go, I need you to feel me.


fuck monday blues!

It’s blue everyday of my life.
I’m colour blind, don’t really care.
Can’t tell much of a difference.

I rehearse my speech just to apologise
I would’nt forgive me if I were you.

Sorry to bug you, but I need some help.
I got no fuel in my car, I got no cash.
Please hear me out before you shut the door.
Oh! Alright I guess I better take a rain check then.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

whatever makes you happy!

Love love love
What the f*** is going on?
Every where I go, everyone’s asking me how I’m going to celebrate the 14th of feb.
They keep asking if I had a date.
They keep telling me I should get a date.
I keep saying that I don’t have the time nor the guy
I keep telling them that I don’t buy the whole “Valentine’s Day” thing.
Its such a commercial western hegemonic celebration of love
Why do we need a particular day to celebrate love?
Why can’t we tell and show that we love someone everyday?
Why can’t we make everyday a special day?
Why do we need the 14th of February to remind us that we need to love?
It does not make so much sense to me
I don’t endorse it, I don’t buy it.
To all the lovers out there, please feel free to send each other gifts and cards.
To each his own, right?
There are no winners or losers here
But we all know who wins more in the end.