Tuesday, March 25, 2008

caffeine n nicotine

I need strength to carry on
I need help from friends I’ve known
The city sleeps while I’m still smoking
The city wakes and I’m still watching
How they run about like a busy bee
Wonder if they’ll ever think of me
Walking down the lonely street,
Hoping my friends and I would meet
Dreams are nothing but dreams
It doesn’t help if I scream

I’m sipping some coffee with a cigarette in my hand
Time passes by so quickly, I think I understand
How things could go right even though they are wrong
It doesn’t help to talk, It doesn’t help to scream
My coffee and cigarettes, that’s all I need.

I was told to greet everyone with a happy face
I was told to tell them that they were great
I’m not saying that I’m honest but I can’t pretend
My friends say I’m fine but I don’t need ‘just fine’
“my coffee and cigarettes”, that’s all I need.

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